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PG-SW020B N-Switch /PS3/Android and PC Wireless Gamepad


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  • High quality wireless controller for playing games on N-Switch/Switch Lite/PS3/Android/Win 7 and above devices.
  • The function buttons of this controller correspond to the button functions of the Switch Pro controller. Support Turbo continuous function.
  • Six-axis gyroscope, somatosensory interaction: built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip in the handle, somatosensory fine-tuning. Auxiliary fine aiming, fast and accurate target locking.
  • Built-in dual motor vibration: feedback vibration effect according to the game scene, giving you an immersive sense of substitution
  • High sensitivity 3D joystick: 360-degree no-dead 3D joystick, help players to achieve difficult adjustments such as fine-tuning and aiming during games