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Baseus Adapter X-Men Audio Radiator Red/Black


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This novel and innovative 3-in-1 device is perfect for the individual who wishes to safely charge their iPhone whilst using it for playing music or games.

Typically if you wish to use your phone for heavy game play or for listening to music whilst simultaneously charging it, you will find that your phone will get scarily hot. This is a particular issue when playing online games or games that require the phone to work hard.

At Baseus we wanted to develop a solution to this issue and provide a counter measure to help you not only use your device whilst charging, but also dissipate heat safely and effectively.

The X-Men Radiator has been specially designed for iPhones and features a high power cyclone cooling fan which operates at 4000rpm. You can attach the device to the back of your phone using the four small suction pads. The built-in lightning connector is then connected to your phone. Next, you can connect your charging cable to the the X-Men and if you wish, you can also use the extra lightning port to connect your earphones.

Now you are free to play games, music, and so on whilst charging, without fear of your device over-heating or damaging you battery.

A decoding chip is used to transmit high quality audio.