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E-Sports Gaming

Let the games begin!

This awe-inspiring space encompasses everything that is great in the realm of modern gaming. High spec and high tech, it will surpass even the most discerning gamer’s highest expectations.  Immerse yourself in The Coliseum – 1100sq meters of pure gaming rapture or be engulfed in glory when you check into our exclusive VIP rooms.

Select a level that suits you then rise through the ranks to the dizzying heights of competitive gaming.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Arena.

This epic theatre has 200 raised gaming stations and gives a spectacular 360* view as the gladiators of gaming go into battle.

Split into 4 blocks, with 4 huge screens, The Coliseum is like nothing else on the planet.  This will be your combative hub, playing host to weekly competitions, regional tournaments and huge international championships all being broadcast to millions around the globe from our very own in-house studios and TV channel. We welcome you to get involved, learn the craft and feel the buzz of live gaming broadcasting!

Be part of the spectacle with intense personal gaming challenges on our luxury PC and console seated facility.  Shut out the world with our concealed set-up, or band together with your friends in group combat through our connected PC network.

Price list

No. of Hours
Price per Hour
Price to Pay
1 Hour
QAR 50
QAR 50
2 Hours
QAR 40
QAR 80
3 Hours
QAR 35
QAR 105
5 Hours
QAR 30
QAR 150